Connecting a shower to a hickman line

Now that title probably got your attention! Let me explain. I was having my Hickman line flushed at the hospital on Thursday and was talking to the nurse about how good the line has been. It always works well and they are going to keep it in for my transplant, rather than change it for a new one. As I am a bit sarcastic, ok a lot, I flippantly remarked I keep it clean by connecting the shower hose to each of the lines and give it a good flush when I’m in the shower in the mornings. Jen (the nurse sorry Jen he he) continued to talk about keeping it clean and then realised that I said connect the hose to the line and suddenly stopped and realised I was joking after a bit of a shock.

She laughed and said I’m so gullible …. mmm, I thought, here is another opportunity. You do realise that gullible isn’t an English word and isn’t in the dictionary don’t you! Most people use it, but its not a word. Another pause from Jen … isn’t it! Now I’ve said this to others before and actually got them to look it up in the dictionary to prove the point. This time I couldn’t keep a straight face and just looked at her … err what does it mean Jen … again realising what she had just said she laughed. It’s a good job she has a sense of humour and didn’t hit me.

I wonder how many people will be trying that with others … or more worrying; how many started reading this and thought it wasn’t a real word! Smile

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