Complications Abound

I woke up at 5am this morning feeling like there was something wrong with my dad. Sure enough, I received this from my mother this morning:

Unfortunately we had another bad night last night. Sleep is becoming really hard to get. He has pneumonia in multiple places in both lungs. They are going to change his antibiotics and see if that helps. They are wanting to do a bronchoscope on him where they go through the nose and get tissue samples. So far bob has declined doing the test as he is in lots of pain now and already dealing with a bloody nose. They came in this morning and were pushing us to do it.

Just when I thought things would settle down bobs heart rate went to 159 and now we are dealing with heart complications.

Positive is that I like the heart Doctor. They gave him Ativan and bob is finally resting even though people are in and out of the room hooking him up to things. Bob looked up at one of the Dr’s and said how do I get out of this maze.

They are going to try and reset his heart in about 30 minutes from now but have said it’s nothing to worry about.

If I get some time I will try to send more updates. It may seem like you just sit around reading but its not like that at all. I am busy with very little down time and not a lot of sleep.

Thanks for all the prayers I know god has a plan and his will be done. We grow from our experiences.

As you can all guess, as of right now, I’m not headed back to Boston tomorrow as planned tomorrow. I’ll be getting getting off in Houston. I’ll keep you all updated the best that I can.