Completed Vidaza

Completed the final day for Vidaza cycle. Overall it went well, the redness and some blue-black bruises are still visible. This morning I applied a generous amount of hydrocortisone cream to ease the sensitivity. Part of the redness is fading and by end of the week, it will not be so unsightly. The effect of all this, is a little bit more fatigue and for that I pace myself and rest alot. I just started to crochet a new pattern, this should keep me in relative calm and quiet for some days. I will try to go out for some sunshine and fresh air – back to the lovely parks – there are several new wooden walkways by the sea and reservoirs. The next scheduled visit to the clinic will be at end of the month … ahh….how nice 3weeks (it does get dreadful when one have to go to the clinic daily!) Apparently I have the “white-coat” syndrome, my BP goes up quite high whenever I am in the clinic, though I don’t feel at all anxious, my body simply reacts. So I am happy to make lesser visits to the clinic.