Coming up….

My original Fresno Oncologist is leaving the St. Agnes Cancer Center, so I have chosen to stay with the group. I love the staff there – everyone is so nice and professional. I chose a new doctor – Dr. Hackett. He has experience with Multiple Myeloma – a real plus. I meet with Dr. Hackett on Monday, Jan 11, then we drive to San Francisco to See Dr. Wolf on Tuesday.
George and I have learned a lot since May! We are much more active about my care. I have learned that I need to keep copies of all documents and tests. I carry everything in a binder and sometimes my copy of things is the one readily available. I’ve also learned to get all the doctor’s e-mails so we can keep everybody in the loop. When I was in UCSF Med Center for the weekend, I started taking Dexamethazone 16 mg per day. My Fresno Doctors noticed that was a large amount to still be on and I needed to cut the dose back. So there was a plan for getting on the drug, but not one for getting off of it! You should see my face, it is so puffy from the steroid!
So please think of us as we drive to San Francisco next week. George is a trooper about driving me there – I’m glad he likes San Francisco because we’re spending a lot of time there!