Cold Turkey

I am the sort of person who usually lives on the high side of life, excited about the next thing that is about to happen. My imagination is both my friend and foe, but luckily for me, usually my best mate.  Taking Dexys Midnight Runners (my steroids), must be the equivalent of adding 10 red bulls, numerous coffee shots and a whole sack of brightly coloured smarties. On them I feel good, full of energy and, funnily enough, able to enjoy life despite my recent diagnosis. So I think it is rather mean of the doctors to provide you with these free substances then just stop them so suddenly. 4 days on 17 days off, then start again.  A crash down to earth to join the reality of every day existence. Oh dear I do sound morose . (see what they do!)
Never fear,  you don’t know what’s round the corner and I do have my hot date to look forward to. On  top of that, today I felt blessed as I was reminded  by the true spirit of human kindness and was spoilt beyond belief.  My close family bought us a brand new fridge freezer and filled it full of M&S goodies. It feels like I am on one of those make over shows, broken freezer containing the last remnants of stewed apples replaced by a new Beko full of Ben and Gerry’s!
Not only that, I also received in the post, three lovely cards from friends and colleagues , one that littered the floor with red hearts ( I loved that!). And this beautifully home sewn Wee Willie Winkie, ‘Goodnight Angel’.  The love and care gone into every stitch is evident, just knowing somebody took the trouble to make that for me is enough to make up for my dropping mood.
I am reminded of a song in the sound of music ” I must have done something good”  you know when Julie Andrews gets kissed by the gorgeous navy captain.
Now what will the weekend bring?  I will not  allow the snow to dampen my spirits. I think I shall just try out a few outfit ideas,  somewhere in the back of my wardrobe I do believe I still have my silver sequinned boob tube.
Have a good weekend everyone.  xxx