Closer to Normal

Summer 2013 in Oregon is circling the drain. I took the box fans out of the upstairs windows and put the electric blanket back on the bed. My summer was a paradox, creeping along unbelievably slow, moment by drawn out moment in the hospital and in recovery, but then I looked up and suddenly the summer days are gone!

I’m feeling closer to normal and farther from death; although I know it could be waiting in the next crosswalk. But, it could be waiting for anyone there and has nothing to do with cancer. I just had my six month visit with my urologist. He said my PSA (indicator for prostate cancer) is non-existent, that’s great. He said I’m halfway through the danger zone….. If the prostate cancer doesn’t come back within five years, it’s highly unlikely it will come back.


Working full time and ready for high water

I doubled the dosage of my B complex vitamins and it does seem to be helping with the chemo nerve damage / pain in my feet. My oncologist said next visit, three months from the transplant, they will test for cancer indicators. I thought, with all these vials of blood you’ve taken – what have you been testing for?

We were clicking through TV stations the other night, looking for a reason to stay up ten more minutes, when I saw an eerily accurate representation of my hair style: it was little Ralph Wiggum on the Simpson’s. Image

I’m afraid I won’t be able to identify with him for long because in the mirror I see little black seedlings sprouting among the wispy white survivor hairs clinging to my head. This could get interesting.

I remain, as always, thankful to God.