Clinical trials PVX 410 –a multipeptide Vaccine for SMM

I contacted Mass. General/Dana Faber and Dr. Kenneth Anderson MD regarding his clinical trial of the Oncpep’s
Phase 1/2a Study of Cancer Vaccine for Smoldering MM.  I met most of the initial requirements but did not qualify for one of the first 13 slots!  Besides my wife was about to have a fit, telling me I might end up like the vampires in the “I am legend” movie.  What kept me out of the trial is my BMB is ranging from 12.5 percent to 6% depending upon which spot they drill into in my hip!  The Doctors at UAMS tell me that biopsys are like drilling for oil,  Sometime you strike the motherload and sometimes you hit a dry hole!!!!   I hope for all dry holes from here on out!
Besides that, this week I had my 4 mg of Zometa on MLK day and had some flu like symptoms but now await my latest local Bloodwork results next week!!!

Anyone interested should type in 1/2a Smouldering Myeloma Vaccines PVX 410