Our Clambake this year was a great success.  We all had big fun.

Joe and Ping brought a bottle of the new Jaegermeister Spice.  Chris brought a bottle of Cake Pinnacle Vodka.

The beer and booze flowed all day and night.

This year we ordered 300 Littleneck Clams.  In the clam steamer, we had the clams, leg quarters, sweet potatoes and sweet corn.

Meanwhile, Dom and Ping manned the grill with garlic smoked sausage and bbq chicken.

During halftime of our late Saints game, we moved outside for fireworks and a bonfire.  (Ping is a pyro!).

Later that evening, Ping worked her magic on us, giving massages.  I highly recommend her massage parlor in Pensacola.  She’s in the process of opening a second.  Ping has been in this country for only 4 years, and she’s already a citizen, as well as a business owner.  Joe’s “child bride” is something else.  We’re very proud of her.

When the boys woke up the next day, they found that our fireworks had started a fire in our woods.  Came within about 10 feet of Dom’s truck and a 5 gallon can of gas.

Dom spent all day soaking it. He was planning on bumming around with Chris all day, but was afraid to leave the house.