Christmas starts with C(h)R!

As I’m the only one up at this moment I”ll take a few minutes to say thanks.  Last year at this time I was very busy Promoting Global Hair Loss but in the back of my mind the fact that I was a month away from a stem cell transplant was always nagging and scaring me.  Now flash forward a year and I am in a complete remission (CR) and my numbers are normal and I’m not taking any meds* and I’m in better shape than I have been since High School (and I’d almost challenge that!)

For all this I’m thankful.  For my kids, as crazy as they may make me, I’m thankful.  For my wife, who puts up with me and my no-med chemo brain ways, I’m utterly thankful.  For my family, who may be dysfunctional in our own special way, are still fun, I’m thankful.  For my friends and extended family for all they do to help, support and motivate me, I’m thankful.  For my new “social media” friends, fighting this same miserable disease, I’m thankful as you motivate me more than any of you know.

But right now, that pot of coffee that just finished, and the big PILE of presents under the tree – for that I’m thankful!  Bring on Christmas – WTH are the kids???

Merry Christmas everyone!



* note – I am taking acyclovir to prevent against shingles as I will be getting a whole new set of inoculations sometime after my one-year anniversary of the sct.  cheers…b