Christmas memories

Oddly, I remember very little of my childhood and even less of any particular Christmas. I do remember one when I must have been 11 or 12. I wanted to ski at a NY ski resort and have skis. My mother did not understand these things and we were very poor, so somehow she bought these really awful wood skis,( I know now were cross country skis). I was devastated as well, ‘what the hell am I going to do with these’? I vaguely remember a christmas after that my most often not present alcoholic father, came back from working on the Alaska pipeline. I remember a christmas tree in the house and maybe a doll?

Oh, I do remember my grandmother, who lived at that time in the Bronx, coming to our shabby abode, with a pillow case of christmas goodies. Cant remember anything exact, but I remember waiting for her at the end of our long road.

BUT, I remember every Christmas since then with B starting in 1969, when we werent even married yet and then everyone from that point forward. I made a big deal of christmas for my 2 children, undoubtedly , compensating for my own lack of. It was never fancy stuff, as we were in to waldorf education, never had any money,so it was natural wood toys, etc. But, I made sure there was pretty decorations, lovely,mostly vegetarian food and magic…..

Santa,(my husband) would be down there (in the front room) putting out stuff at 4 am. My daughter, then my son ,would be up very early to see it all. I truly loved it and loved being able to do that for my kids. Both my children remember things from when they were 3 or younger. I’m amazed at that considering how little I remember. Its like my life really started when I meet B and we started our life together. We didn’t even have our daughter till we’d been married 15 years and I was 33. So, we certainly did things a little different.

Anyway, good memories of our last 45 years together. This year still lots of nice memories, especially going out to get the tree in South Lake Tahoe…