Christine’s Visit- What a Fun Week!

We had a GREAT VISIT from our daughter who lives in Colorado!

We did a lot of running around.  The above pictures were taken at Fatty’s in Picayune.  About 20 minutes away.  Dom and I split their club sandwich, Christine got a Catfish Poboy.  Dynamite Onion Rings with an Abita Beer batter!

One of her local gals Nicole, who we adore, spent the night with us. We indulged in Moscow Mules.  The 3 gals went to The Italian Grille for one of their KILLER pizzas the next day.

Margaritas and a late lunch after one of Dom’s doctor appointments at El Paso Mexican Grill.  This place is conveniently located next to Dom’s oncologist!

We took a road trip to Pascagoula, MS. to see a doctor about a VA Disability Claim.  Thankfully, President Trump has the VA “farming out” patients to private doctors.  This guy was a doll!

Afterward, the 3 of us headed to The Texas Roadhouse for a lovely dinner.  (Christine found a $100 bill on the floor underneath our booth!)

We BBQd one day while waiting for Dom’s shipment of Revlimid and steroid delivery.

Christine carted us around all week, which gave me a nice break.

We’re back on our Chemo schedule for 2 weeks.

Our patient is doing very well.  Tired, but very well!

Thanks for the continued prayers and positive vibes.  We’ll take them!