Children Of The Story Teller

I keep track of my mileage.  The drive to Montana for my dad’s memorial service would be an exception.  My best with this 1957 Chevy has been about 18 MPG, although the Smiles per Gallon are a lot higher.

Boarder Crossing

So, it was a little disappointing when the speedometer quit working somewhere near Othello, Washington.  Oh, well….  I have a new GPS that will tell me my speed and the posted speed limit.  I just wouldn’t be able to track the mileage.  The fuel gauge has not been something to trust, but it was a general indicator.  When it remained on “E” after the next fill up, I thought we might just have to stop at every second or third town for gas, as my older son, Brandon and I would be basically flying blind.  But, the fuel gage came back to life and was much appreciated.  In Spokane, we stayed the night at my half-brother, Doug’s house.  It was great to visit and catch up with him, Megan, Jed, and Emma.

Brothers and Sisters

In Kalispell, we stayed with everyone at Barb’s house.   It was a house full of half and full brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  Most were nearly strangers.  Some had never met.  It’s funny how that can happen.  I was glad for the unique gathering, sad that our dad couldn’t have been there with us.  It was the largest assembly of siblings I have been a part of since my mom married Mr. Kinkade.  There were nine sisters and brothers including half’s together at that time (about 45 years ago).  My total lifetime sibling count I believe is myself, two sisters, five half brothers, one half-sister, four step brothers and five step sisters.  Some of the steps I have never met.

There was a surprise birthday cake, like an indoor barbecue

Cancer Update:  The blood test results that came in just after the last bone marrow biopsy said the protein level is stable at 1.2, same as the last test.  I’m counting the stable report as more good news.