Chest infection

I’ve not been too good this week.

I started off with a bit of a chest infection and asked for some antibiotics at Chester hospital. Now call me a bit cynical, but there is a new doctor at Chester and to be honest I think it is going to be a while before I trust him like I do the others. Maybe its because he is new, but I think it’s more likely because he didn’t even exam me, normally if I have a problem with my chest, they would take listen to make sure it is clear before giving me their opinion. This guy just said no I’m not giving you anything, but if you have a high temperature, make sure you come back in. Great I thought you want me to have the possibility of getting pneumonia and then dying before I start to get treated! Anyway I couldn’t force him to give me anything, so I went away still coughing. I knew that I was going to Liverpool on Friday where I would probably get a prescription after a thorough examination, even though Dr Salim my main Dr was on holiday. Oddly enough I was seeing another new Dr. The reason being is that they all change around about the same time. This one though spent his time with me and went through the history that he wasn’t sure of and then examined me and even went to get a second opinion on a rash that I have as well. I was given some antibiotics as well as some topical steroid cream if the rash doesn’t clear up after using antihistamine. It was totally different. And he wasn’t just doing this because of what happened in Chester as I never mentioned it.

Now you know how lucky I am …. mmm ok maybe not and this was one of those times again. When I got home, my temperature started to rise. slowly but surely it went up over 38c. So I put the fan on to cool myself down as well as took my tablets which included Paracetamol which reduces your temp. By this time I was in bed with no covers on my with the fan blowing and constantly coughing. So do I ring the ward and go into hospital, if so, where do I call, Chester or Liverpool (something I need to ask) it did go down below 38, but took a while after peeking at 38.7. I knew if I called the hospital I would have to go through the rigmarole of going to A&E then AMU before finally getting on the ward, at least that’s what would happen in Chester. I don’t know about Liverpool, as I’ve never gone straight onto the ward from home. Then once I was on the ward I would be put on antibiotics intravenously and would end up staying for a week or two. The other option was to stick it out over night to see if my temperature goes down. Guess which one I chose .. yep stick it out.