Chemo Treatment #4

An early early day today.  At hospital for 8am.  YIKES!
Last week’s chemo needle left a red mark where they gave it to him.  They said it was a normal reaction and to keep an eye on it.
Let’s see how today’s needle reaction will be.
He’s had four really good days.  Minimal pain.  Much more mobile.
The blood work this morning showed his hemoglobin up to 106.  Good news!  The doctor is happy with his results so far.  The needle I give him Tuesday nights for his hemoglobin might be stopped next week.  She will let us know.  I’m getting used to poking him with the needle.
We have stopped with the steriods for now.  YEAH!!!!  HURRAY!!!!  I can sleep now.  These steriods made him quite the chatterer, especially at night time.  He would strike up conversations with me at every opportunity during the night.  Rolling over in bed does not mean I’m awake to chat.  I’m looking forward to a great sleep tonight.