Chemo Treatment #3

Two days behind my blog……
On Tuesday, it was Tony’s third treatment.
The X-ray from last week confirmed a third broken rib :(  Not my fault this time.
MRI results tell us that he has degenerative disc bulges.  Also, lesions from Multiple Myeloma along the spine are evident, mostly at the lower back.  :(
We were expecting both these results.  Still sad about the news……Tony needs to be extra careful with everything he does.
Sounds like back surgery may have to be an option for him in the future.  He has an appointment next week with another doctor to discuss his pain management and options re his back.
Blood work on Tuesday showed that his hemoglobin was at 101.  WOOHOO!!!!  Still climbing.  I’m still giving him the needle on Tuesdays.  Until these numbers are where the doctor needs them to be, I will continue to do so as per her instructions.  This needle is the one that helps with the hemoglobin levels.  It was my second ever needle injection.  It went well.  Tony was so calm about it.  That made it easier on me.
He worked Monday, Wednesday and is at the office this morning too.
His energy is good..
Back spasms still continue over the night.
His weight has finally leveled off over the last 1 1/2 weeks.  Up and down, up and down.
Overall, having an ok week.  I’ll take that!