Chemo Treatment #2

Today was our second Chemo treatment.  Blood levels are responding already to the chemo.  Good news!

We told the doctor today about his broken rib from last week and that it felt the same as the last time and she needs to confirm it.  So, off to X-ray we went.  Best to document this if it is true.  We’ll find out next Tuesday if it’s broken.  In the meantime, there’s not much to do by way of caring for this injury except take those painkillers.  As I type, it’s 10:10pm and still no nausea from chemo today.  We’ve noticed rapid weight loss over 4-5 days.  Voice is weak at times.  Leg cramping in bed was an issue last night.  Not sure if related to Chemo.  Doctor will let us know more on that next week.

After our visit to hospital, we decided he needs a hat to keep warm during these cold days.  The shopping we did was not good for his back.  I drove him home and he rested for the remainder of the day.  He’s tired.

Oh, and I learned to give him a needle!!!!!  OMG!!!!  Those of you who know me KNOW, that I could NEVER do this!!!!   But I did.  Not sure if I enjoyed poking him or not?  Let me share with you how this came about.  Two weeks ago, the doctor told us that he needed this needle.  She sent me to the pharmacy to fill out the prescription.  At the pharmacy in the hospital, the pharmacist asked if we were on a health plan….my answer was nooooo, why? Well, one needle is $475.  He needs this injection once a week for 8 weeks.  $$$$$  The pharmacist explained that if home care administers it at the house, we would be covered.  So, with the doctors help we are covered.  BUT, because this needle doesn’t go into your veins, they need to teach someone to do it.  So, tonight I learned. YIKES!