Chemo Treatment #10

Today, our drive to Humber River Hospital took us 2 1/2 hours!  Roads were bad.
Long Long DRIVE!  On a good day, it takes us about 40 minutes.
Tony’s hemoglobin levels have been the same for a while now. We discussed with the doctor the possibility of a prescription for that needle….you know, the one I have to give :(
She will let us know next week after she sees his blood levels.
Good news is that the Steroids will be once a week now!  WOOHOO….so this evening, they have kicked in!  Get ready work related people——he will be high energy on Wednesday!  Probably won’t be sleeping tonight.  Both of us :(
We ran into a friend we haven’t seen in probably 20 years at the hospital today.  Great catching up and passing the time today.
This Monday, we will be at Princess Margaret Hospital to further discuss the bone marrow transplant.  I should pull out those brochures again and refresh my memory on it all.  This way, if we have any questions, we can be better prepared for it.