Chemo in the Belly! Hello Vintage Velcade

Hello October!

I’m headed to the Chemo Lab soon for my 3rd Velcade shot. So far, so good THIS TIME! Some Neuropathy, but nothing crazy like the “Frankenstein affect” I had from Melphalan back in July 2010, as prep for my Stem Cell Transplant. 

My first Velcade shot this time around, I had a little swelling and redness at the injection site, the 2nd shot, the same. This is NOTHING at all like my brief experience back in February, March 2017 when paired with Darzalex! So far Velcade is my friend, as I am not experiencing outrageous side effects. And if you’ve followed my blog for a while, or know me personally, you know my philosophy of “Less is More”… as yes, I asked my Dr to start me off LOW dose this time, and build from there if necessary. See, my system is just so stikin sensitive to everything, then it adjusts, and shabam! Me and chemicals do fine :))

Back in 2017, we had originally tried the Darzalex, Velcade, Dex triplet combo, but then I wound up with CRAZY, on fire skin and nerve pain. It was like having a skin fever, without the actual fever, and cats scratching my skin and nerves 24 7. Was just awful. Whether it was the first several Darza infusions, or the Velcade itself, or the combo of the 2 fighting each other, I don’t know, but I DITCHED that FAST as it was so painful and so intense. Here’s what happened back then! . That’s when we switched to Pomalyst, and the rest is history from March 2017 to September 2018. I’m proud that my body was strong enough to utilize the powers of Darza and Pom for so long, but this seems to be my trend of doing ok for a year plus, before becoming Refractory to each treatment cocktail.

Gotta go…..

I’ll post my current Labs when I return, and update you about my crazy BONE PAIN situation, and upcoming Radiation appointment… 

Yep, I have officially joined the 
“Blue Placard Club”
Pain is No Joke!