Chemo has begun

It was started yesterday, September 4th at 11am.
The prep work before was intense.  Leading up to the actual delivery was even worse!
They prepped him with lots of hydration, anti nausea and Ativan to relax.  By the time it was all hooked, he was sleeping peacefully.
I was there with his sister and afterwards my sister-in-law joined me in a meeting basically informing us of what to expect.  Very informative.  Actually put me at ease.  All the side effects of chemo are all taken care of with meds to combat it.
It will be a two week process.  Four days of chemo, 7th day will be his lowest immunity and the second week will be getting better.  Not sure if and when they plan on releasing him.  I personally think he still needs to be monitored closely.
Tony slept most of the day.  The anti nausea made him dopey and slurring his words.
Today, I believe these past two weeks finally caught up with me!  I’m exhausted and have lots of work to do with the office that has just simply been put aside.  Priorities.  I took advantage of his sister coming over at 1 and I basically went home to sleep for a bit and am currently getting caught up on stuff.   He will always have someone by his side during this chemo treatment.  We are taking turns watching him and getting anything that he needs.
This morning he had a cough.  He wanted to get up and was encouraged to walk down the hall and back!  That was good.  Really good.  But was spent afterwards.  His breathing continues to be difficult with walking and talking.  My friend came in the morning and gave his feet and legs a great massage!  She even massaged his neck and shoulders.  He slept through most of it….LOL
Anyways, I’m going to get cracking on much needed bookkeeping stuff for the office and then heading back to the hospital.
Keep those prayers and wishes going everyone!