Chemo Day #17 – Hold the chemo

Thursday was supposed to be his first day of his 5th “cycle” with chemo.  (4 weeks is a cycle.  that’s how they keep track) All delayed.  That’s two chemo sessions on hold.  His pelvic gland area continues to be swollen and not getting better.  Definitely fluid build up as per ultra sound.  Antibiotics are not physically showing improvement.  It’s been three weeks on antibiotics!! Tony’s fears a big needle to drain it or take a sample of the fluid…….Ouch!
Tuesday is the urology appointment follow up.  We shall see.
Thursday is our BIG day at Humber River, Princess Margaret and Toronto General.  Three hospitals in one day.  Not quite like bar hopping is it?  We shall see how that day goes.  We may find out the day booked for  transplant.