Chemo Day #16 – but, no chemo administered

Well, his infection continues.  Actually, worse, not better.  Very inflamed. No fever symptoms.
The routine started all the same.  Blood work is good.  Numbers are where they should be.
However, the visit with the doctor was surprising.  She feels that the chemo might be interfering with the antibiotics from the past two weeks.  We got an immediate ultra sound appointment just to see if there’s something else going on.  The technician advised Tony to see his doctor ASAP.  Felt he needed meds.  So, back up to the oncology department.  Fortunately, the entire staff was still there, including the doctor.  She prescribed two different types of antibiotics for a further two weeks.
Also, she booked an appointment with a specialist for this as she hasn’t experienced this type of swelling.  Doesn’t feel it’s related to multiple myeloma.
ALSO, Tony continues to be sleepless at home……which means I’m not getting my rest either.  I miss my straight 7 hours.  Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but she recommended chamomile tea and melatonin at night before bed.  He did get about 3 hours straight, but that was it.  So, today, she commented on how tired he looked and decided to prescribe sleeping pills.  She says he needs to be well rested and strong for the transplant coming up soon.  We shall see how tonight goes.  Day one of Steriods which means he is high energy today.  OMG!  Drugs to pump him up and drugs to pump him down :(