Chemo Day #15

Tony continues to progress well with the treatments.  All numbers are impoving.
Regarding the infection he had from last week, the urine test showed, in the doctors words “pristine”.
How funny is that word to use as a description of urine results.  We had a nice laugh.  However, he does have an infection with little discomfort in the pelvic area.  So he’s on antibiotics for another week.
Steroids continue to disrupt his sleep.  He only gets a maximum of 2-3 hours continuously, and then up for the rest of the night.  We tried camomille tea with Mellatonin and it seemed to work on the first night after taking the steriods.  Wednesday night we tried it again and he slept more.  It’s now Thursday evening and he is showing the usual crash signs.  He’s very tired.  Personally, I think he’s working too many hours a day.  He needs to slow down.  As for his weight gain, this past week it’s been the same.
The oncology department has made some changes and chemo days will be on Thursdays from now on.
Good night everyone.
We’re both tired…….