Chemo Day #13

Well, today marks day one of Tony’s last month with chemo.

Every 4 weeks they call it a cycle, so we have 3 cycles behind us.  Can you believe it?
Today was a very long day…..7 hours at the hospital.  They did a 2 hour drip to help with his bones.
Hemoglobin continues to hover around the 110-112 mark.
Not much else to say this week.
Warning to those seeing Tony on Wednesday……he’s taking his steroids in the morning, which means he will be in high energy mode.  
He tried taking his steroids before bed last week.  Well that kind of didn’t work.  He was wired all day, all night and the rest of the week his nights were horrible.  Minimal sleep. Watched TV while the house slept.  Hopefully, tonight he will get lots of rest and be good for Wednesday…, well, as you can see, it’s 12:44 am and I’m not tired.  He is sleeping peacefully and I think I better get to bed now too.
Nite everyone.