Chemo Day # 11 Happy Dance!

We had two appointments this week.
Happy dance, doctor says Tony can eventually golf.  His back will never be 100%.  Damage is permanent.  High impact activities are really not allowed. (doctor says no sky diving)   He will have to determine that as he goes.  Even a fall, can break his bones.  He’s considered high risk for fractures.
Keep reading-it gets better.

So yesterday we were at Princess Margaret Hospital to further discuss the next step with a leading doctor and her co-ordinator, Andrew.
She basically said that around end of March, we begin to schedule his bone marrow harvesting procedure.
(collecting non cancerous blood cells) Once collected, they will freeze it for future use.  They collect enough for two transplants. Shortly after this, we wait for a bed to open up and the bone marrow transplant will take place.  He will be in hospital for 2-3 weeks.  Then, recovery at home, for 1-5 months.

She was asking for an IGG number (M-protein, myeloma number), but we didn’t know what it was.  Never shared with us.  Humber River is getting this information every 4 weeks.  On November 6th, 2012 that number was 58.  Should be zero.  Two weeks ago it was 28.  This means that chemo is working.  Tony is responding.  All good news.

Today, we had our regular chemo day at Humber River.  She shared with us about this IGG number.  I asked about the stage number and with this question we got great news!!!!!
Tony is diagnosed at Stage 3 of 3 for Multiple Myeloma.  But, with MM, stages don’t mean anything.  Treatment is the same for all stages.
She also shared with us that his multiple myeloma is not the genetic type, which means is not an aggressive type!!!
WOOHOO!!!!!!!   High five everyone!   HAPPY DANCE 

More good news.  Sunday evening was the last time he took his morphine for his back.  So far, it’s almost midnight on Tuesday evening and he’s feeling fine.  The longest period without morphine so far.  Hopefully his hand shakes will subside….let’s see how his day goes tomorrow.

So, together, let’s just keep him in our thoughts, prayers and send positive energy.