Chemo – Day 1

Well, I think all the anxiety and the suspense and not knowing was worse than the actual treatment.
It’s been 8 hours since treatment and no ill effects.  Tony feels great so far.

Today’s visit involved blood work and then a consultation with the doctor.  She answered all of our questions and more.  She’s wonderful.

Blood work showed that his hemoglobin was rising (85). We need that number higher.
Kidneys are functioning good.
No news on the foot x-ray, so I think it’s not broken.  (We forgot to ask-no news is good news, right?)
She was happy with salt levels, so no IV hydration this week.  Must drink lots of water.  So if you run into him, make sure he has a glass of water in his hands and remind him to DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!

Tuesdays are Chemo treatment Days.
Two sets of pills and two needle injections.  Not bad….

FYI, if you plan on visiting or seeing Tony, please inform him if you’re sick.  He cannot catch any colds or viruses as his immune system is weak.