Checking in

I saw Dr. H at Mayo on Thursday. I hadn’t been to Mayo for a year, so it was nice to check in with her. I could have done without the vile, vile, vile, vile Pee Pod, although it turns out that my pee is just fine. Thank goodness, because I don’t want to do that test any more than I have to.
Anyway, Dr. H is really happy with how things are going. She said that if nothing changes, I don’t need to come back any earlier than another year if I don’t want to. She said I could even skip the yearly checkup, but Jay and I agree that we want to check in at least once a year. My M-spike was 2.7 at Mayo (it was 2.3 last week in Kansas City), but Dr. H said that you can’t compare it with the one from Kansas City, since the tests were done in two different labs. She’s not concerned. Once again, she emphasized that the size of the M-spike doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not causing any problems.
“If you want to go ahead and live 50 years with a 2.7 M-spike, that’s fine with me,” she said.
Yeah, that’s fine with me, too!