Checking in..

It has been more than 2 months since my last post. I am feeling great. My labs are all doing good My serum kappa lights as of Sept 29th are now down to 71.30 and the lambda are 0.98 with a ratio of 72.76. My cr is 1.09 which is now normal for the first time since I went into renal failure back in 2006. I have been taking 15 mg ms contin in the morning and 30 mg at bedtime and this the right dosage for me. I sleep 10 or 11 hours a night and stay awake and functioning with very little discomfort all day. I am a happy camper!! Dr Goldman is going to check with Karmanos to see if they still have my stem cells which I harvested in May 2006. If they are available he wants me to consider finishing my transplant. I told him I will think about it. I recently learned of four more people I know and another young girl (23) who worked with my daughter-in-law who have died . Everyday I thank God for blessing me with more time with my family and friends.
My mother has moved from our house to my sister Sylvia’s for the winter and it is working out better then we all expected. My mom will 96 in 25 days. This will be the first birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas we will have spent with her many years. She misses her Florida home, her independence and the warm weather. But her safety is our number 1 concern.