Check up May 24th

May 24th, this is it. Check up time again. An extensive program today. First a check of my bone density, then ordinary x rays. Grab a sandwich and draw blood. Now I’m waiting for the hematologist. I’m glad I have my latest toy with me. I’m typing this in my iPad. Music on the head, and when I’m done typing, I can read the newspaper or play angry birds. Or surf the web. This hotspot is working fine.

Well mr. Jobs did a good job, for a fact. The most amazing thing is that an absolute Apple hater like me can be turned on. I catch myself regularly searching for information about iMacs, of course not to buy one, but just for comparison reasons. I’m glad my phone is working just fine, that iPhone is a little too expensive for me….

The nice thing is, it simply works and keeps on doing so. My Windows 7 works too, but after a few weeks there are always strange things happening that you can’t explain. About a year ago I wrote as a joke that I wanted an iPad but look at me now. I simple couldn’t stand up to the seduction. Well the flesh is weak. How weak we  will learn in a couple of minutes when I talk to my hematologist.


Next day:

The results of the bone density test were already in. This goes really fast! My hips and pelvis are just fine, my vertebrae have a slight form of Osteoporosis. This is logical, my vertebrae were my biggest problem from the beginning. In 6 weeks we will start with APD (bisfosfonate) . I will have those infusions every 3 months. I hope the kappa and lambda riddle will be solved next week. I will present a new graph when the results are in.