Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This afternoon we had about a dozen kids over for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, it goes like this: Peppermint Patty calls Charlie Brown and rudely invites herself — plus two other kids — over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie Brown can’t say no to Peppermint Patty, but he panics, because he doesn’t know how to cook anything except popcorn and toast. Linus, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown go to work cooking up popcorn and toast for Thanksgiving dinner, only to have Peppermint Patty freak out and yell at them for not making a “real” Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie Brown is crushed; Peppermint Patty realizes she’s been horrible and apologizes. Then they all go to Charlie Brown’s grandma’s house for a real dinner.
It kind of makes you wonder about the parents of everyone in the Peanuts gang, particularly Peppermint Patty. Maybe they’re all drunk. I mean, you’ve heard them talk. Whaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaa!
Anyway, at our party, all of the kids made turkey hats, and then we all sat down to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Afterward, we had Charlie Brown’s feast of pretzels, jellybeans, popcorn, and toast. I figured the toast tower would be more for decoration than anything, but they all devoured the toast!

It was a lot of fun, and I love throwing these parties for the kids, but I think WCK has come to expect a lot from my party-planning abilities. “At the end of our next party,” she said, “we’ll make confetti fall from the ceiling!
Hmm. I’ll get right on that.