Changes and Surprises…..among the colors

Thursday was another “trip to Hattiesburg” kinda’ day. On the drive back home, the brilliant afternoon sun shining from a cloudless sky,  made the beautiful changing colors of the trees appear even more vibrant. The brisk fall wind, sent leaves floating across the highway. As I drove while Bob napped, the words rushed around in my head …… just like the leaves rushing toward the ground. Sentences wanted to flow so badly, from my head to my fingers……but those fingers were otherwise occupied with a steering wheel!

It was a day of change. Long before Bob was diagnosed with cancer (that’s how we now define our lives…..before cancer, or after cancer), we had both discussed the need to find a new family doctor. And so, after his diagnosis, that’s just what we did. We later learned that we’d chosen a doctor without hospital privileges (the doctor’s choice). I was concerned that he did not do hospital admits, and of course, no hospital visits. How could he stay up-to-date with my honey’s needs and progress? So today we changed, again….to a doctor who specializes in Geriatrics, and has hospital privileges, and had attended him in the LTAC unit.

I was impressed that this new doctor didn’t send in a nurse to ask all the questions – which usually must then be retold to the doctor. He came in and checked his B/P (which was low) and listened to his chest. And, he said that honey’s lungs no longer sounded like a “bowl of Rice Krispies” (I may never eat those, again!). He wrote an order for blood work to try and determine if the pain in Bob’s thighs is caused by a loss of muscle mass. And, he wrote an order for a Chest X-ray, just to ensure that his lungs are really clear.

At the hospital, while providing information for Bob’s chest x-ray, there was a discussion about drawing blood, and I commented “Bob’s lucky, he has a port”. Lucky?? Really, did I just say that?  He has a port, because he has cancer. It probably wasn’t the best choice of words, but at least he doesn’t have to get stuck everytime.

Our day, at the Cancer Center, ended with a most wonderful surprise. We have two burgundy Multiple Myeloma car magnet ribbons, ordered from, on the back of our car. I didn’t notice that a car had followed me into the parking lot, but I soon saw a face that I thought I recognized. It was the daughter of another Multiple Myeloma patient. She had followed our car, because of the ribbons. We had spoken, months earlier, when her dad was just beginning his treatment…..(and our wonderful Dr. H. is also his doctor). I had often thought of her dad, and wondered how he was doing, but had not seen him at the Cancer Center on the days we were there. As many of you know, I’m such a believer in “God puts us where we need to be….when we need to be” and “things happen for a reason”. I’m not sure why Lee Anne and I reconnected, but I’m so happy we did. She is so warm and has the sweetest smile……and her dad is in my prayers. (And, she now has MM car magnets on the back of her car!)

A day of change and pleasant surprises amid the beautiful fall colors.