celebrating the "days"

As I remember Paula, her indomitable spirit and cheer; I am reminded that I can live each day, good or bad, well. She had endured many difficult days. There are people we meet, from whose lives we have been touched in a special way and they have taught precious lessons not to be forgotten. From her, one can find joy even in a simple and ordinary day, even in the hospital room – what more when one can celebrate the birth “days”.

Let me share some –
For a special friend, some of us planned a surprise birthday picnic at Labrador Park at the water edge. It was simply lovely – the location, the cool breezy weather and the home-cooked food. I love surprises. I am not sure how it was for my friend for she had to be blindfolded all the way from the car park to the picnic ground, walking over some undulating ground. With yummy peranakan mee siam and delicious carrot cake, and even birthday hats and balloons, it was fun and laughter all the way, especially when the birthday lady and hubby were subjected to answering birthday trivia questions – both were very “sporting”

Two days ago, we celebrated another birthday. This time it was a tea party cum Bollywood movie. Of course our friend was not told what he was coming for. His wife told him they were invited for tea. Another friend and his son were surprised that they too were being celebrated. Ahh… it was even more delightful that it was not just tea, sandwiches and scones that we served but we had such fun watching a movie together! It was a hilarious Bollywood comedy – “The Three Idiots”.  For the three birthday guys, we watched the suitably titled movie! How clever that my special friend came up with such a brilliant idea.

And almost three months ago, my special friend planned and celebrated my birthday by cooking a sumptuous meal. I know this friend – she would have practised the entire meal on her family before preparing on the actual day – she is a perfectionist. I think her family must have eaten many days of duck comfit (that was the main). I have to say the meal was lovingly prepared and presented! Look at the pictures. Unfortunately I do not have one on the duck, I was too quick to charge at it.

double-boiled soup

 appetiser – so pretty

in the library

Not to forget, over another long weekend, there were 6 of us couples, (this is another group of friends) who went up to Malacca and we also celebrated another friend’s and my birthday together. How thoughtfully planned with meals together and happy conversations in the hotel library with wine and peanuts.

at Malacca Majestic

We enjoyed the stay at Malacca Majestic a small, charming and chic boutique hotel. Some went walking through the historical old town, a UNESCO heritage site, took the river cruise, tried all the “must-haves” of Malacca – chendol, nyonya food, Teochew “black as engine-oil” noodle, orrh-nee (yam paste with gingko nut dessert)  Malacca is food paradise! It is only a 3 hours drive.

I am so blessed to have many friends to love and be loved!
I am certainly in a very happy state, on the whole – but I have to admit that for my dearest and nearest, I can be grumpy some days ….
So truly, I am very thankful and grateful for GOD’s provision – stable health, good friends and loving family.

prettiest cards

I received such pretty cards and even more so, the words written inside, made me feel so special.