Unfortunately I wasn’t reviewed by my usual team of doctors today I had another one that I have only seen once before. He went through the usual things etc but didn’t really know me so I couldn’t discuss the DCA or the CD44 with him properly. Although I did bump into Dr Salim outside who the other doctor had a quick word with when I gave him the documentation with the links on and a printout of the article. I think Dr Salim was surprised (as I was) that the Dr that I am in touch with from twitter is quite high up in the Myeloma research world.

I think they initially thought I was in contact with some quack Dr that was trying out new age things etc. It will be very interesting to find out how the patient is getting on with the DCA in a few weeks, Dr Salim seemed quite keen to find out as well.

I will have a proper discussion with them about the CD44 protein on Tuesday I hope. When I had my bloods taken today, I also requested a CD44 test, which they are doing for me. I’m not sure when I will find this out, it might be later on today when I call to find out what my bloods are doing. I didn’t wait around today, otherwise I would still be there now! (15:53)

If you recall I was supposed to have my bone marrow aspartate done by the transplant coordinator today, who promised me that it wouldn’t hurt when she does it. Well guess what, she was off ill today (which incidentally isn’t liker her). I though when I was told I was going to get away with not having it, but no. One of the Dr from my medical team, Elizabeth was going to do it. Again I was told it shouldn’t hurt.

So I went into one of the rooms on the ward and Elizabeth did the trephine and aspiration, which I’m very pleased to say didn’t hurt that much at all. It was nothing compared to the last two I had; those were the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, this one was very easy. It hurt when they first put the aesthetic in and then a couple of times during but it was bearable. So a gold start to Elizabeth for keeping to her word.

I’m back in again on Tuesday, but I might be in before then depending on my bloods today which I will give them a call about as soon as I finished this. Oh look I’ve finished.

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan