Whenever I bring WCK home from her monthly Girl Scout meeting, I also bring home one of her good friends who lives near us, and who has been WCK’s friend since they were both babies. The first time I picked them up and asked them, “What did you do at the meeting today?” they both thought it was hilarious to come up with outlandish Girl Scout activities to tell me about. They rode on purple elephants and giraffes. They jumped in a bouncy castle. The Girl Scout leader brought in a giant merry-go-round!
Now, every time I drive them home, they see what they can come up with. I always pretend to believe them, which they find even more hilarious.
Yesterday, WCK’s friend told me that the whole troop went on a field trip to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. “And we rode on the really, really big roller coaster!”
Then I heard WCK whispering in the back seat. “Hey, I don’t want to go on the big roller coaster! I get carsick!”
Even in her wildest fantasies, WCK is still cautious.