Caution: Boring Post Ahead

Hello 7.27.17

Indeed, life is always full of surprises.The minute we think we can predict what’s next, life throws us an unexpected twist, a curve ball, a fork in the road, or decisions we didn’t expect. Each day I wake up, look around, and giggle that I am still here. So grateful, often surprised, always wondering what’s next.

Had my Darzalex 6 hour infusion last Tuesday July 18. Fortunately, all is pretty routine now on infusion days. I take 20mg Dex steroids when I “force” myself to get up around 7am. Hydrate, figure out what my “GI biology” is planning, and get on the freeway between 9-9:30. By the time I arrive at the chemo lab, the steroids have kicked in a bit, and I feel pretty good. Such irony to arrive at a chemo treatment lab feeling ok and spirited, and “not looking like a cancer patient”. Almost always I meet up with “regulars” there, and secure a chair or bed by someone I know, or off in a corner so I can hibernate and read for the day, or until the bag o’ Benadryl tries to knock me out.

 Here I am towards the end of the day,
looking blurry from all the meds.
Note the “200” turbo infusion speed.
We start the Darzalex at 100, then 150 then 200, 
as I’m on week #15, and all’s going well. 
Met with my Dr prior to my infusion, and all my labs look awesome! See my 7.17.17 post for all my lab details. Since I seem to be doing ok, I “jokingly” said to my Dr that perhaps if I was ok enough to travel, perhaps I could take a handful of Zarxio injections with me to keep my immune system strong. Really, I was just joking, but she quickly agreed and liked the idea. So perhaps a trip may be in our future… just have to get Jim’s leg better… I always marvel at all the amazing medications that heal us and help our chemistry be ok. I had so little health problems prior to 2008, 2009, that I just didn’t realize all the meds out there, ready to “fix us up”! Thank goodness Darzalex, Pomalyst and Dex steroids are currently my magical elixir! 
And that’s my short and sweet update. Lest you think all is glitter rainbows and unicorns, I of course have a list of side effects, crash days, blah days, swollen days, GI days, but I rebound on my Darza week off, and I’m beginning to accept invitations to fun events occasionally. I don’t understand this life, and will never stop questioning why, how come, why me, how’d this happen. But I move forward daily, often in awe of how close I have come to “not being here”, but reveling in how ok I am this month. I always think about myeloma eating me up from the inside out, and marvel at the powerful treatments fighting my cellular battle. It’s mind boggling knowing it’s these meds, continuous for 7 years now, responsible for keeping me alive, month to month. I reflect on my “hole in my head” lytic lesion of the left side, and external hard tumor on my right side. Crazy stuff right?!  But I am here, and I do what I can do, when I can, and most importantly, I count my blessings daily. Heck, how many terminal cancer patients on a triplet chemo cocktail can boast they go from the chemo lab to the horse arena, to toss hay and rake up “road apples” :)) 
My backyard view the other day! 
 Thanks for checking in. 
Hoping for good news and happiness in your life always

Ps, 7 years ago tomorrow, July 28, I was finally released from City of Hope hospital, surviving my 2010 Stem Cell Transplant! Here’s my post from back then.
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can