A different story about hair

Okay, here’s a different story about hair….Mine did the Malphalan Wallop too and the falling out was so odd….I really didn’t know what would happen of course, so I tried to baby what I had (falls out over a few days, rather quickly)….and before it was ALL gone, I had these wisps that made me look like Yoda. Kinda silly and made me laugh. fast forward to the grow-back.

I originally had dull blonde naturally wavey hair, very thick. My hair started back in with gun-metal grey and great body, shaped to my head and looked awesome! Then as it grew it became curly curly curly, and I loved that too! It is about a year later, my hair is now back to its original color (forgot to mention the gray), very thick (maybe even thicker than before) and back to its regular ol’ color.

I did wear kerchieves and a friend made me some chemo caps (knitted out of the softest yarn) which became my favorite headress. They feel so comforting, and I wore them to bed and any other time my head got cold….around the house. My sis and I were bald simultaneously, so we had a great trade-thing going on; she bought alot of hats from that cancer hat magazine, but didn’t wear too many. The wraps that are soft and pretty were our favorites! SIDE NOTE: if your drivers license needs renewing, do it before your hair is gone)

Anyhow, by the end of the baldness, I was getting pretty darned comfy going out bareheaded and I thought I looked pretty darn good! Sort of badge of survival and proud of it!

Bottom line: it’s only hair, and it comes and goes and comes back and on the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty small price to pay for the chance to have a life again! Take the whole thing with a grain of salt, laugh at yourself, do silly things ( I wore a hat with a pony tail attached to it for fun, too)…..and before you know it, it will be over and you’ll just look back and say, that wasn’t so bad.

Good luck, God bless and as my son always told me when I was at my lowest:

Keep your chin up.

(I wrote it on the wall by my bed when I was so so sick and it made me feel

encouraged every time I saw it)…..


These things are all unpredictable but can turn out very well. When I was diagnosed I had rapidly graying brown hair. After Chemo, it came in jet black, but then fairly quickly reverted to its original brown. 7 years later the grey is just starting to return. My brother, who’s 65, now has hair completely white. While I might prefer his health, he’s more annoyed about my lack of grey.

Multiple Myeloma World Tour 2006-08-12 14:15:00

San Diego and Del Mar Trip
We have to escape from the desert heat, so we have taken trips to Del Mar, San Diego and Big Bear where is is cool and breezy.
We are SD Padres fans and took in a game at Petco Park. When we left in early July, it was 120 in Palm Desert. We came home on Aug. 6 and it has staying around 104 or so and dry, a relief.

A recent photo of our granddaughter, Annika. She was 3 in Feb. Quite a little gal. Of course, she has all of us wrapped around her little finger.

Father’s Day in the Desert
Rick, Kierstin and Annika came down for the day and we celebrated Father’s Day at Las Consuelas in Palm Desert. They make a huge margarita and I had one. My wife Bonnie gets to tend to our granddaughters managing their every needs.

Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival

Karen, Annika, Kierstin, Rick and I are anxious to get to the food court and have a breakfast burrito.

The Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival over Memorial Weekend was well attended with over 60 balloons filling the sky in the early morning. What a beautiful sight. We spent most of the day there on into the evening with our son Rick and his family that live in Temecula.

May 26, 2006
Annual Rotary Golf Tournament at Desert Willows Country Club

I played a round of golf last Friday with a group of Rotary Club friends for a fund raiser. Our club raised over $3500 for local community projects that focuses on youth and seniors. Our club’s foundation, which I am president, donates over $20,000 per year back to our community. Desert Cancer Foundation is one example of our donations. The Desert Cancer Foundation helps local cancer patients who can’t pay for treatment & medications.

Sure took a lot out of me, as I hadn’t even held a golf club for over 6 years. Barely made it. Good thing the tournament was best ball. The weather cooperated and was in the 90’s with a good breeze.

Yes, that is a cold long neck beer.

2006 Spring Break at the River

Bonnie and I visited our son Mike and his wife Pam at their getaway home at Hidden Shores, near Yuma, CA. They have a party boat, quads in a resort along the Colorado River. The river was like glass but still cool this time of the year. We had a great time with the granddaughters.

We enjoyed sunsets and evenings on Mike and Pam’s friends patio deck overlooking the whole area. Jaime and Phyllis have a park model done in a tropical theme.
We made the trip with our new Lexus RX400h. It is an amazing suv. The Lexus replaces the Excursion Diesel.

I received my bi-monthly Aredia last Thursday and reviewed the results of recent lab reports. Good news. No m-spike and IGG is at 1200. All cbc and blood panels are normal range. Still on 50 mg Thal 5 times a week for maintenance since tandem auto stem cell transplants in 2003.

Borrowing our granddaughter , Kierstin, during her Spring Break
Bonnie and I visited our son Rick’s family last Friday. When we left on Sunday, we surprized them and our granddaughter came home to stay with us because it is Spring Break at her school. What a pleasure and she is enjoying the visit and extra spoiling by us both. We visited Living Desert, went shopping with Bonnie, was a special guest at my Wednesday morning Rotary Club meeting, spent time with me at computer clients to meet very friendly people, participated in helping close friends get to the airport in Palm Springs and joined me for afternoon walks for exercise.

We spent time playing games and catching up with her activities, both at home and at school. Her Mom and Dad miss her a lot as she misses them, so we are taking her home today. She misses her Bichon Lexie and her younger sister Annika.Lexie_with_the_girls.jpg

Current Events In and Around Palm Desert

March 17, 2005
The Pacific Life Tennis Tournament is now being held at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. It is being televised on ESPN. Sure is adding to the economy of the area but also adding to the numerous snowbirds enjoying the winter in the desert southwest.

It is a must to join our friends at 11:15 or 4:30 to be able to beat the crowds at the many fine restaurants or the wait times are long, even with reservations. Yesterday, we spent time and had a great lunch at a restaurant at the River in Rancho Mirage with fellow myeloma support list friends, Jan and Jim Hughes visiting from Oregon. They are down out of the rainy and cold NorthWest to enjoy the sun, golf and friends in the area.

John Marzicola and I are enjoying the recent annual Golf Cart Parade in Palm Desert. Note the ever present water I carry. Hundreds of golf carts are designed, constructed and then entered in this parade that benefit a variety of local charities. We didn’t get too carried away on our Rotary Club cart’s design, but we had an impressive marching contingency from The Retarded of the Desert with us.

We enjoyed breakfast with their clients at the pre-parade pancake breakfast.

This is a major event enjoyed by locals and visiters from all over the country. We are not trying to compete with the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, though. This parade runs along El Paseo in Palm Desert, very comparable to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. According to the Chamber of Commerce.