Catching Up, Mainly Treatment and Hanging Around

I did three rounds of Velcade with Cytoxan, the 29th June, 6th July and 13th July, all with 40 mg Dex too. Side effects were the usual, with the cramping not ever getting as bad as it had, but discomfort with muscle soreness, an overall feverish feeling. I get hot flashes/ trouble controlling my temperature (hot then cold, etc.). I have been hanging around the house, was dragging pretty bad at the beginning of the month and just slept and read a lot. Last Friday the doctor had me come in for blood work since I had needed platelets and blood the Tuesday before, he could tell the chemo was really dragging my blood down. So on Friday they gave me another unit of blood, platelets, a neupogen shot and aranesp. I had a great weekend! I wish they could fix me up like that every week! The roommates and I went and ran errands together and had fun hanging out.

The better energy has continued and I have finally started on some projects around the house, like listing things on eBay and Amazon. I found this iPhone app and decided to track my income and expenses so its a lot of fun to peg in when I make a sale (income) and when I go to the post office to ship things (expense) and pick up lunch while out (expense) etc. Last weekend the upstairs air conditioner went out and we had to call around to even find someone available but got a guy who came out first thing Saturday morning and charged $169. We were thrilled! We got it solved with Greg gone, it was under $200, and that was only ONE NIGHT with air upstairs for the girls. They just slept in the living room and on the futon in my office but the cats crawled all over them since they couldn’t close bedroom doors like they usually do.

I’m in this pseudo-seclusion mode where I don’t really call anyone unless they call me. I haven’t really been up to hanging out with people much, although I did make it to church a week ago Sunday (too many hugs!!) and I am more than happy to hang out with the roommates when they get home. I don’t hear from family much, I guess I have reached that stage in cancer where my battle has dragged on and people have lost interest, or maybe they are just busy with their lives and perhaps remembering me occasionally in prayer, which would be greatly appreciated of course.