Catching Up – An Unexpected Diagnosis in September

Has it really been about three months since I have actually written anything on our blog (other than posting a few pictures)?  I would have to say that the “busyness” really began last Fall, and just continued on into the winter. As I look back it has become one big blur, full of life changes for our whole family…emotional, exhausting and exciting. As I catch up, I hope to become more regular in my postings again. I miss hearing from our blog friends!

Going back to September when I flew to Georgia to help with our daughter Leah’s thyroid surgery, one very unexpected turn of events occurred when she went for her post-op appointment. Much to our shock and dismay, we found out that one of the three nodules they removed was malignant, and it was not totally contained inside the nodule. Yes, papillary carcinoma at age 29. Our sweet daughter would now face a cancer diagnosis, and though her whole thyroid had been removed, there was a slight chance that some cancerous cells could still be floating around in her body somewhere. Therefore, she and her husband chose to have her go through a single radio-active iodine (RAI) treatment, just to be sure any rogue cells were sought out and destroyed. The most difficult part of this would be the time of isolation from her family, especially her little girl, but it was something we all felt she should do. 
 This is the canister that held the radioactive iodine pill.

Here is Emery peeking out the window at Mommy during the isolation period.
Finally they could be around one another and this reunion and hug was the sweetest moment!
 Time for Grandma to head home. Parting is such sweet sorrow!
We couldn’t be prouder of the faith and courage Leah showed when faced with her unexpected diagnosis and consequent treatment. Learning from her Daddy, she remained positive and hopeful, knowing that the Lord had this, and she would be fine. He would be with her in the storm, and He was. All of this is now in the past, her Synthroid levels have been adjusted, she will be closely monitored through blood work, and she is thriving as a busy young mommy of a two year old! We are certainly grateful for how everything turned out.