Catch Up! It’s Been Ages!

My goodness, it’s been five months since I’ve written, and then it was about politics! Egads! What’s wrong with me? Politics are about as lethal as MM! At least in the past three years! lol

It’s amazing that the last time I was on any treatment for MM was in October 2007. I was on Revlimid and Dexamethasone. It’s been so long that I’ve even forgotten the dosage and schedule. My “numbers” (e.g. IGG serum, & other markers) have remained in the normal range…except there’s one that’s high…but it’s not one that really matters.

My main problem now is the spinal cord damage at my T8. I’ve written about it, so you can look through my entries if you need to hear about it. One day I may just clean this blog up. It’s not organized according to topic.

I saw my oncologist about a month ago. He told me that the regimen today is that once you gain a partial remission (or a ‘very good partial remission’) like I have, “they” keep you on Revlimid….I guess to keep things in check. Since I’ve been off of it for so long, he’s going to leave me alone.

Remember:I changed doctors at one time. Before I returned back to my original oncologist, I had transferred doctors and stuck with my SCT doctors.

I was a little jarred the other day when I found out a lady I befriended in about 2007 or 2008, her MM has returned. It was returning when we lost touch. I heard from her the other day and she’s had two more back-to-back SCTs (unsuccessful). She had tumors in her legs and had some operation to take care of whatever was going on. She’s now on ‘chemo’ and she named about four or five drugs. Revlimid was one of them. She mentioned that nasty “H” (hospice) word. I guess they talked about it, I don’t know how serious, but….they’re setting that aside for now.

This is upsetting to me because when I first met her, she was doing better than I was. She had a successful SCT where I didn’t. She was riding her horses where I couldn’t. The ‘fat lady hasn’t sung’ yet, so I’m not giving up on her. She’s got a great attitude and the Revlimid might be just what she needs. If you’re a person who prays, please pray for my friend, Jackie.

Well, other than it’s been five months since I’ve touched base and that I’m still dragging these crippled legs around, that’s about it. My MM is laying low. I’m still in yucky pain/discomfort from the spinal stuff and I still have trouble with “elimination” but there’s worse things that could be going on. I enjoyed my patio this last summer reading under my table umbrella. I planted flower pots, tomato plants, arugula & green onions in containers and had a regular little garden on my patio. Maybe I’ll post some pictures to show you how “cute” my patio was. It will be cuter next summer. Oh…and I’ll have to buy a new umbrella. Foolishly, I forgot to close my umbrella one night. A very windy rain storm approached and blew my table over, umbrella and all. Bye-bye umbrella. I plan on replacing it with a “cuter” umbrella next summer.

God Bless!