Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam and Bad reporting from Anthony Mason

The CBS sunday morning show today had an interview with this man.   Reporter Anthony Mason talked to him  15 minutes about his “comeback US tour, etc. etc.”  The reporter asked nothing
about Stevens’ 1989 endorsement of the Fatwa from the muslim  Khomeini supreme leader of Iran
ordering the murder of novelist Salman Rushdie, author of the Satanic Verses.  Steven’s in 1989 not only indicated he would carry out the order from Khomeini but would call the ayetollah himself if he saw Rushdie in a resturant and Stevens indicated in 1989 that if he Stevens lived in a muslim country he would carryout the Fatwa.

Incredible!  Anthony Mason failed to ask a single question or even hint at the endorsement of murdering Salman Rushdie espoused by Yusef Islam.   This vile, medieval religion, which enslaves women and kills detractors should at the very least be questioned by a reporter on a national television show when one of its supporter, WHO ADVOCATED MURDER is being interviewed.
CBS once again as with Lara Logan and her unsubstantiated report on Bengazi has failed to live
up to any journalistic standards.

Be ashamed Anthony Mason to call yourself a journalist.