Carrot Cake and Fairtrade Rainbows

It was The Boy’s birthday on Friday, the perfect reason to try another new recipe from A Modern Way to Eat.

These are little Cardamom Carrot cakes, with orange-zest-spiked icing instead of the maple syrup / cream cheese concoction of the original recipe.
Seriously addictive and almost completely healthy – but icing has to be allowed on birthday cakes!
And yes, of course I am showing off my new plates at the same time :)
I bought 4 bowls, 4 dinner plates and 4 side plates.  FL and I have never had a matching set before, so Christmas 2014 (and our 7th wedding anniversary – oooh!) seemed as good a time as any to invest.
They are from The Painted Bird.
FL and I are not the sort for fancy presents – he got 2 pairs of handknitted socks, and I got a box of chocolates plus an enthusiastic reception to our new crockery!
Today I packed away the Christmas decorations, cleared out the recyclables, went to the library, took a bag of “stuff” to the charity shop and played in my yarn stash.
We were going to plant the Christmas tree, but the spade has gone missing. Grrrr.

I will leave you with some pictures of a deeply satisfying spin-to-knit project which I completed in the past couple of days.

Inside of pocket

The Boy has worn the same style of fairtrade fleece-lined woollen hoodie since he was 17.  The latest (2 year-old) version was suffering from frayed cuffs and holey pockets, so I fell upon the idea to use handspun Jacob’s wool to pick up the unravelling edges and knit it back together.
This was enormously fulfilling.

Short-row handspun cuff replacement

I spun the fibre “to order”, and knitted it straight from my spindle.  I know it will never see a washing machine, so there is no fear of it shrinking or felting in a future wash :)