Can’t Help But Document This Crap. Wow.

So I noticed this “new” name posting on Greg’s daughter Kristin’s wall. Taylor Laughlin, but the picture looked amazingly familiar so I clicked and it was actually Evelyn, and as her status she posts:

“official name change….back to my maiden….dropped the first…now the fun begins!…at DMV, banks, insurance and deeds….BUT! I am no longer associated with Greg T….only our 3 wonderful children we were blessed with.”

Whoah. I cannot believe she thinks taking his LAST NAME as her first name is breaking the association, but whatever. She is demented. I had fun with it after I read it to Greg and we joked around about it a bit and I jokingly posted on his wall:

Its a good weekend Sweetie. Its nice having you around & I am looking forward to hanging out more tomorrow. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do and for just being you, Mr. Taylor. I am happy to be THE Mrs. Taylor to your Mr. Taylor!! I think I will change my name to Karyn Taylor Taylor. Nawwww. What a hassle. It would be so crazy!

Now I couldn’t help myself and have looked to see what the comments at her Facebook are, what the reaction is, whether she is actually going through with this craziness and I find the following select comments:

Terri Gibbs Taulbee [Andrew’s Mom]

Really..I had to look at the picture to see who this was… So who are you now?
Taylor Laughlin

just taylor laughlin legally but people will still call me evelyn if they want. it was way pass the time to stop being Ms Taylor. That is Greg and Karyn’s name! haha I have been considering this for years and being alone at the wedding and watching those two dance made me want to hurl something hard and heavy on top of them.

She really is a piece of work. I see this as pretty much an admission that she messed up royally, and like I always said, her F&#-Up has been my reward. It takes a stupid woman to throw out a keeper like Greg. I am so blessed to have him and I feel sad for her and pity her when she is so blatant about how unhappy SHE is. It didn’t help that her off and on man (albeit not very attractive whatsoever) of 5 years dumped her about 5 weeks before the wedding. I KNOW that was hard! I KNOW it was hard to see how crazy in love we are, and be at an event celebrate how crazy in love Andrew and Lindsey are. But I do think she shouldn’t “let us see her sweat” as they say. I feel bad for her. And I’m sitting here with cancer. 

By the way, I deleted my post to Greg’s wall, feeling I didn’t need to be catty or react to her ridiculous behavior. Sometime over the weekend she also deleted her post and Terri’s comment and everyone else’s. I told Greg I thought Lindsey probably chewed her out for acting like a child!!