Cancer and Your Bucket List…

Today is Sunday November 10, 2013…. It’s a breezy cold Sunday and the weekend just as so many is going by quickly. This month I
celebrated another birthday and thankful for that, but bittersweet as those once in my life
are no longer here in the physical form to help me celebrate….

I’m watching the movie The Bucket list with actors Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. I absolutely love this movie and it’s so fitting for all ages. The bottom line is we go off in life trying to achieve the dream we concoct that will make us happy, whether this is marriage, children, education, career, and being famous, or what have you, but when a doctor enters your room and approaches you with those strange and foreign words
You Have Cancer… those life achievements seem so bittersweet, as many of us feel there’s just so many more things left to do.

The concept of writing that list of things to aspire to achieve before you die is a self fulfillment and a gesture to make your last journey as doable (if you will) to your own standards. Chemo and treatment may be in the midst but having a handle on how and what you want this journey to go in your final days, should be live in the moment for the future is not promised.

Bucket List:
-Travel to that place you always dreamed but never went forth to book that ticket
Do that activity that you never thought you had it in you to do
Laugh… it’s okay to stop taking life so seriousness now

Know that we will not finish everything we wish to do in our lifetime, but doing you at this time in life is a necessity!