Cancer 365 Photo Series: Happy for a hug

Cancer 365 - Day 1: Happy for a hugHappy for a hug

Yesterday I began a new self-portrait project called Cancer 365. I am going to create self-portraits that relate to feeling expressed by someone living with cancer. This last year leading up to chemo for Multiple Myeloma and now post-chemo has provided alot of ideas. I won’t be taking photos everyday, but there will be 365 in this project. This is the first.

This photo is a composite using a process called Multiplicity (see flickr examples) where the same person is photographed multiple times in different locations using the same scene and then the photos are combined in Photoshop. I wanted to learn how to do this so I spent time watching tutorials after taking some photos. This is my first attempt, so it is pretty raw, however I’m really happy that I gave it a try.

This self-portrait I labelled “Happy for a hug”. I wanted to convey how you can have many needs when you have cancer that you desire to fulfill, such as not having enough food, or enough money, or not feeling well enough to even go outside. However, there are days when none of those needs matter and all you’re thinking about is human contact and how you miss the times (that seems long ago, but really aren’t) when you would get invited for a weekend trip out of town or a friend would spontaneously drop by just to chill.

On those days, when you crave action to solitude, noise to silence, social activity to isolation – a hug from a friend can make all the difference in the world.

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