Canadian Cancer Society: April is Daffodil Month

On Tuesday, when I was in the Waterfront Station I came across some Canadian Cancer Society – British Columbia and Yukon Division volunteers that were taking donations for daffodils as well as offering boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for a larger donation. As someone living with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, it makes me happy whenever I see someone wearing a daffodil – it is like they are sending me a personal message saying “Stay strong!”.

April is Daffodil Month at the Canadian Cancer Society:

To some the daffodil is just a flower. For us, it is a symbol of strength and courage. It says we will not give up. It says we will fight against cancer and we will win.

Buy a daffodil pin and show your support for people living with cancer.

Throughout April, compassionate volunteers across Canada work together to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Later in the day I passed a daffodil and paused for a moment to reflect on my own personal battles with cancer. Thankfully I’m in remission right now and coming to the end of my medical leave from my studies. In May I plan to take a further break to focus on my Cancer Sabbatical, where I will direct my energy towards cancer-related personal initiatives.

From February to November 2013, I was on my 4th chemo treatment called Velcade, where I had weekly in-hospital injections, in addition to a variety of other pills taken to supplement my chemo treatment. You can read the background on my diagnosis and previous treatments on an earlier blogpost. You can also follow me on twitter.

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