Can you believe it ….

…here I am at this time,still lying in bed. I blame it on sleeping in the motorhome I think I am on a permanent holiday.

This morning I received a lovely email from an old colleague of mine who just happened to come across this blog. She is someone I greatly respect and as I think things happen for a reason, I wonder what will happen next.

You just must have a read of this.
It is an excellent article written by my very clever daughter Pollyanna, who has followed in my footsteps into the NHS. As I am likely to have to retire due to ill health, it’s good to know she is going to continue to fly the flag and I have every confidence in her doing extremely well as she is so passionate in making a difference in the NHS.

It seems to be a little cooler so far today, I do hope so as my sister has hay to make and this is a near impossible task in the heat of the day.

To think only a week ago today we were bustling around putting the finishing touches together for the party of a lifetime. Have you heard about that yet? You know the one where Jarvis Cocker sang Disco 2000 which he dedicated to me, or was I just dreaming that?

I really must start writing again after all I have that beautiful leather journal so there really is no excuse. I also have the film to edit this weekend, which is no mean feat and some thank you cards to write. I do seem to be really busy these days.

We have also got some travel arrangements to sort out. We have three weeks planned in September and then a long drive to catch the sun when the weather isn’t looking so good here in December/January time.

I had better get on with it, nothing will get done if I lie here all day, having said that another short snooze wouldn’t do any harm now would it?

Deborah x