Can visiting the cancer unit…

…be classed as a lovely day? Well I certainly think it can if it is done in style!

Yesterday I was collected by my friend Jane who’s first surprise was to hand over freshly made warmed shortbread to Colin. We then had a smooth ride down to the hospital and were quickly processed in ready to be seen. We found a comfortable seating area and Jane proceeded to set out her picnic. I think the photo says it all!
We enjoyed chocolate pigs and cows, strawberries and grapes, chicken wraps and sausage rolls and lots of other M&S goodies.
Not only that but I was in, out and home again by 2.30pm. A record time and that was without breaking any speed limits. So thank you Jane for a most enjoyable hospital experience.

The bathroom is back on track. There was some confusion over the wiring over of money and the ordering goods, but I am delighted to say everything is now ordered and hopefully work will start next weekend.

So it will be waiting in for deliveries and resting this weekend for us. Hopefully the sun will shine and the water will continue to evaporate. The sandbags saved the day so we have been luckier then a lot of people.

Have a great weekend

Deborah x

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