Can This Farmer Finally Defeat Monsanto?

There are many reasons to question GMOs in our food supply. One such issue being our freedom of choice. When GM crops are grown next to non-GM crops we often see issues of contamination. This contamination may be due to many factors including human error, wind, birds, bees and floods. Contamination has continually posed a problem in the agricultural sector and in many cases has resulted in lawsuits where farmers suffer under the hand of corporations hiding behind the guise of ‘patent infringement.’ You may remember the case of Canadian farmer, Percy Schmeiser who was charged with patent infringement by Monsanto. Schmeiser stood up to Monsanto and obtained a settlement out of court for Monsanto to clean up his land. The result was seemingly in his favor, however, Schmeiser was left with weighty legal bills and the legal framework was left unchanged with the Federal Court of Canada upholding the validity of Monsanto’s patent.

How has this happened? How is it that a farmer’s property can be invaded by uninvited, unwanted genetically modified seeds and or pollen, and then the farmer has to pay? What about the farmer’s right to grow GM-free crops?