Can ride the dexamethasone high?!?

Well today,Tuesday, was the official first full day of the lovely cocktail I am taking but first they gave me anti-nausea meds, fluids and my favorite…..DEXAMETHASONE!! I hate that stuff. We do not get along! So they infuse the cocktail over 24 hours so you tend not to get a concentrated amount all at once which sometimes makes you sicker. I ate all my meals without returning them in liquid form. I don’t know how long this will last. Unfortunately the dex is kicking in and I am hyper and my pressure went up real high. So they are going to get it down!! They are doing another EKG as well. I have to admit they are told to make me as comfortable as possible. If I feel the least bit quesy or nauseated, I just cry out, “More drugs please! Bring the good stuff, zofran, kytril, ativan, whatever!” lol I also have a 30″ flat screen tv with DVD. So I can watch movie after movie as long as I want! Lol I have full access to as many Popsicles, ice cream, Ginger ale, coke, crackers and peanut butter and more, as much as I want! (Go Duke!) I might be able to do this after all!! It’s only for 4 days!Lol
My heart rate is high from the dex therefore pressure goes up. I have to take some more hypertension meds! They may have to discontinue the dex or reduce it! Anyway, I just wanted to update my goings on of my journey to a cure. I appreciate all of you! Icouldnt ask for a better supportive team of family and friends! All my prayer warriors are working over time and I am on church prayer list all over, from Anchorage, Alaska to Las Vegas, Nevada, to Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Chicago, Virginia (lots here), Maryland, DC, New York and many more! How awesome and humbling is that! Thank you all, you keep going and I can withstand this that much more! I will send update tomorrow night. God be the glory! May all of you have very good night! Be blessed,