Can it be? Six more sleeps to harvesting?

What we thought would be a QUICK day, ended up being VERY long.
Firstly, the drive downtown took 2 hours.  It was raining and it’s Halloween.
The clinics, for some reason, weren’t too busy.  Some staff members were dressed up in costumes which was fun.
We were seen by a new doctor today.
Blood Pressure:  Very low (can’t remember!  97 over something)
Tiredness levels:  Very tired
Appetite:  None
Fluid intake: good
Dizziness:  When he gets up
Hemoglobin 106
WBC 0.3  (we have named them Curly, Larry & Moe)  He has no immunity.  Warned to have minimal contact with anyone.  No visitors.
Creatinine 68 – WOW  Very good.
Lungs were good
Acid – still bothering him

Afterwards, his oncologist came in to review everything.  Remembers that his bikini line tumor was visible from across the room and noticed how much it shrunk.  Can’t feel the lymph node under his arm.  She can still feel the abdominal area ones.  Feels that a CT scan not necessary at this time.  She can feel them, they are still there.  Between the new doctor and his oncologist, they all think that his low blood pressure could be an underlying infection.  Even though he has no fever.  She felt she needed to rule this out and ordered more blood work and urine sample for cultures.  Tony thinks it’s because of his weight loss.  The other thing to is that he’s on high blood pressure pills (2 types) so she said to stop taking them and I’m supposed to check his blood pressure twice daily.  Could also be dehydration.  His magnesium was low too.  They feel that he should stop taking Zantac for acid and put him on a prescribed pill to work better with his acid.
She ordered a magnesium, platelets and saline via IV.  Another 2 hours of sitting.  But, this room was not busy.  Another clinic.  Tony got a bed and I got a recliner.  Nice!  I love PMH!
Took us 2.75 hours to get home.  LONG DRIVE.

Monday they are doing more blood work and may give him “stuff” if necessary, to boost levels, if needed. His neupogin takes a few days to kick in and he’s only had 4 days worth.  He’s on it for 10 days. I’m grateful that home care is doing the injections.
And……..Wednesday we go to Toronto General Hospital for blood work and then harvesting!!!!!
Fourth time we have an appointment set up for harvesting this year.
It will happen this time.  I feel it.  Need to keep Tony healthy.  Need to stimulate those taste buds.  Need him to eat anything.  Today he has survived on sips of ginger ale, half a coconut donut, three bites of a meat sandwich, water, half a bottle of vitamin water, three bites of apple pie, half a Popsicle.  And, don’t think I’ve offered him good stuff.  I had my bag of goodies with me all day.  Plus, being Halloween, not one candy. Not one. Today, was a bad day.  Food just doesn’t appeal to him at all.  Even his favourites.  I’m struggling with this.  Hopefully, after his IV meds from today he will feel better in the morning.
Another day.
Nite all.