Camp 3G Gets Creative, Thrifty and Active

Everyone felt like painting when they woke up, so we got busy right after breakfast. Natalie has the most patience and will sit for the longest time doing artwork. Nathan gets right to it and is very efficient, knowing exactly what he wants to do. Samantha enjoyed playing with the markers, but eventually painted with water. And Samuel, he was off and running shortly after we started.

Our next outing was to Dollar Tree. Everyone made their choice much more quickly than we expected and we were on our way to check out. Such well behaved kiddos. It’s amazing how much joy a dollar can bring!

The last big event for the day was a scheduled visit from an adorable puppy named Trigger. Thanks to Lauren and Jacob for bringing him over to play and do his cute tricks!

Day Three was a perfect morning for Blue Jay Point Park. We were pretty shocked when we had the whole place to ourselves for a little bit. How often does that happen?

After playing on all the equipment, it was time to walk down to the lake. Who could resist throwing rocks, taking shoes off and getting feet wet? Samuel eventually just laid down on his stomach in the water…uh oh no towel!

We wandered over to the picnic tables for a quick snack before heading home for naps. This Grandma sure does love her grandchildren! Natalie and Samantha lined up pine cones they found, while the boys threw a ball. We sure had a great time at the park!

Meanwhile Jamie and Tara spent a wonderful couple of days in Luzern. Check out these pictures of the oldest wooden bridge in Europe – Chappell Bridge. So picturesque. And just look at those tourists in the last shot…aren’t they cute?